T.V.R.A.I. Breeders Directory
The Victorian Rabbit Association is unable to give any guarantee as to the health, fertility or suitability as a Show animal of the stock being sold, neither can we give any guarantee as to whether any rabbit conforms to the Breed Standard. Although the persons included in this Directory are T.V.R.A.I. Members, it is the responsibility of the individuals concerned to check that the rabbits are healthy and of the required standard prior to purchasing. All sales and purchases of rabbits which might take place following a contact made through this Directory are the responsibility of the seller and buyer respectively and The Victorian Rabbit Association is involved only as a means of introducing prospective purchasers to T.V.R.A.I. Members who keep a particular breed of rabbit.
If your a member of T.V.R.A.I and interested in having your stud listed in our breeders directory, please fill out and submit a Breeders Directory Form.

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Coolabah Rabbits

Location: Gippsland, Victoria
Breeds: Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs and Polish
Specialising in Chocolate Otter, Chocolate and Marten Sable
Contact:  Jackie
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Loves Lops

Location: Cranbourne, Victoria
Breeds: Mini Lops & Dwarf Lops

Contact: Danielle
Email: s_na_ith@hotmail.com
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Chirpy Buns

Located Latrobe Valley, Victoria
Breeds Netherland Dwarfs - Specialises in Shaded

Soon to breed Chinchilla Mini Rex

Contact Teigan
Email: teigan.smith@hotmail.com

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Ver Isca Rabbit Stud

Location: Cranbourne East, Victoria
Breeds: Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, American Flemish & British Giants
Specialises in Broken, Shaded and Chinchilla Netherland Dwarfs

Contact: Bethany 
Email: bethany.sands87@gmail.com
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Location: Ringwood, Victoria
Breeds: Netherland Dwarfs

Contact: Anthony
Phone: 0409 979 227