The Victorian Rabbit Association Inc. 

Supporters of rabbit exhibition and responsible breeding.

The Victorian Rabbit Association provides a fun and friendly atmosphere where fellow fanciers can come and support rabbit exhibition. We often run handling seminars where you can get hands on experience with some of the 'rare' breeds of rabbits you dont see often.
We also have fantastic pet shows for people of any age to show their beloved family pet.

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Our shows help promote the rabbit fancy and are open to the general public to be able to come and look at the various breeds of rabbits available in Victoria, as well as seeing the tough competition on the show table. If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit, we can direct you to rabbit breeders that can explain all the do's and dont's as a new rabbit owner / exhibiter. 2016 show dates have been released! Hop on over to the 'Show dates and Results' page to get all the details! This years show season is going to be one to mark down in your calendars with some very special judges booked. Get grooming fanciers! Look forward to seeing you all there!

The Victorian Rabbit Association Inc. is please to advise our next show is -

Our next show is:

Sunday the 21st May 2017
Judge: Amanda Hines

Venue: Bennet St, Dandenong Vic
(Club Venue - At the Dandenong Show Grounds)

Entries close: Tuesday the 16th May 2017
Entries to TvraiShowEntries@outlook.com

Time: Bunnies in by 9.00am
Vetting in: 9.00 - 9.30am
Penned by 9.45am

Judging starts at 10.00am!

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Affiliated with Australian Show Rabbit Council Inc.

Affiliated with The British Rabbit Council.

Website:  www.thebrc.org

*** Champion Titles for 2015 ***

Got lots of champions out there???

12 Challenge Certificate Stars* per bunny will get you a Champion titled bunny!

24* Grand Champion

36* Supreme Champion

48* Silver Supreme

60* Gold Supreme

A Best In Show, Runner Up In Show, Best Fancy, Fur, Rex, Lop, Best Adult, Best Under 5 Months & Best Under 14 Weeks will get your bunny an extra diploma which equates to 1*
Present your Challenge Certificates and Diplomas along with your Champion application form to your secretary to be awarded your Championship Certificate at the next show!
Each star can only be used once, TVRAI except any other clubs CC's that are run under BRC rules.

Upto 30% per Champion title EX -  (3 or 4* out of the 12* can be from another club)

CC's and Dimplomas must for a Championship Certificate must be awarded by atleast 3 different (Grand Champion 5 different) T.V.R.A.I. approved judges.
Original CC's and Diplomas must be presented with the Champion application form.

Start counting your CC's (Stars!)

Membership renewals are due each January!
Ensure your membership is paid and up to date as all commitee and members must be financial to be able to purchase 2015 rings.
We would also like to welcome our new 2015 members! 

If your interested in showing your rabbit, contact the club of your choice for further information.
Any inquires reguarding T.V.R.A.I. please send emails to TVRAI@outlook.com
There will be lots of rabbits on view, a raffle and a fabulous canteen! We have both pet and child handler shows running which really get our future generation of fanciers involved from a young age!


Benefits of becoming a member with T.V.R.A.I. -

When becoming a member with TVRAI you will receive regular updates regarding tips for care and show preparation. We also provide information about prevention and control of diseases. Becoming a member entitles you to cheaper entry fees as well. You are more than welcome to show your rabbits at TVRAI even if your not a member, however we encourage you to support the club an become a member.

Social Media -

Any rabbits that are entered into a show, photos are not to be posted on such sites 48 hours prior to each show.

When entering a rung rabbit into a show and said rabbit was not bred by yourself. Ensure you have done a ring transfer so the rabbit is registered in your name. The form can be found in the 'Club Forms' page.
image-273807-232878-486535_498763683474482_1453630233_n (2).jpg?1425374202362
Britsh Giant

For a complete list of breeds, ring sizes and standards, follow the British Rabbit Council Website link. They are available in pdf format, by individual breed. If your wanting a complete breed standards binder book, please contact the secretary. The may require ordering -

With the agricultural show held in february, please keep in mind that if the temperature exceeds over 30 degrees the show will most likely will be cancelled for the welfare of the rabbits. Please contact us before hand if your unsure.

Thinking about supporting and possibly exhibiting a rare breed?

Help support some of the rare breeds left in Australia! There are breeds left in Australia that are on the verge of extinction if they dont have your help!

There are many wonderful breeds of rabbits other than Mini Lops, Dwarf Lops etc, that make wonderful companions and they can be a breed that you, as a fancier, can help to have an impact on in the Australian rabbit fancy.
Why not research some of those amazing breeds.
Many breeds can be obtained across Australia such as the Smoke Pearl, English Spot, Silver Fox, Chinchilla etc.
If your interested, come along to one of our club shows and we are more than willing to refer you to someone who breeds/exhibits these rare beauties!
English Spot - Part of the Fancy section


 When you are accepted as a member of T.V.R.A.I, it means that we presume you are interested in the care & welfare of rabbits & will be honest & responsible in all your dealings. So please:- Encourage responsible rabbit ownership in all people who get a rabbit from you. Please explain the importance of fly screening all hutches. Explain the importance of drinking water, cleaning hutches and keeping bunnies cool in the warmer months. When selling your rabbits please remember that all ring numbers need to be transferred, even when purchaser is not a T.V.R.A.I member. Encourage them to join T.V.R.A.I so that there is a record of ownership, just in case their rabbit gets lost or stolen. When selling rabbits for pets, please make sure you remove the registartion ring from the rabbit’s leg. Do not sell rabbits that are unwell, have health problems or have crooked teeth! Baby rabbits that are to being sold as pets should not be sold under 8 weeks of age.  Please do not sell a pet quality rabbit to new members or people who are interested in showing. And please do not sell cross breed rabbits as purebred.

image-273810-232884-1907326_1489342247946606_5759870354114752360_n (2).jpg?1425374427088
Ivory Satin
Netherland Dwarfs